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From Yann Deydier <>
Subject Little bug in the example "", and comparison with MS Soap Toolkit
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 15:22:18 GMT

		Dear Axis team,

	you're really doing great work with Axis.
	During my tests, the calculator example (userguide/example2) did not work. The
result returned was always "null".
	I found that the following line was missing :
		       call.setReturnType( XMLType.XSD_INT );
	Then, it works.

	The other way to make this example work is to remove the 2 parameters type
definition line :
		       call.addParameter( "op1", XMLType.XSD_INT, ParameterMode.PARAM_MODE_IN
		       call.addParameter( "op2", XMLType.XSD_INT, ParameterMode.PARAM_MODE_IN
	Then, it works.

	So I think there is a little error in your example.

	Secondly, I just would like to show you the minimal codes to call this web
service, one using java-axis, and the other using Ms Soap Toolkit :


		Call call = (Call) (new Service()).createCall();
		call.setTargetEndpointAddress( new"http://localhost:8080/axis/Calculator.jws") );
		Integer iret = (Integer) call.invoke("add", new Object[] { new Integer(55),
new Integer(66) } );
		System.out.println("Got result : " + iret);


		SET mySoap = CreateObject("MSSOAP.SOAPClient")
		mySoap.mssoapinit "http://localhost:8080/axis/Calculator.jws?wsdl"
		WScript.Echo mySoap.add(5, 66)

	It is obviously much simpler using MS tools, don't you think so ?
	I guess java-axis allows much more fonctionnalities than Ms Soap, and that was
JUST a remark.

	Thank you for reading me,

	Yann Deydier
	Computer engineer,

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