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From Frank van Lingen <fvlin...@SDSC.EDU>
Subject Can not find AttachmentPart class in beta release
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 18:22:05 GMT
I use attachments in a message example, by creating a soap envelope
and adding attachments to the call object. The attachments arrive at
the service side together with my soapenvelope. Is this way to add
attachments in a message oriented environment? If so, in the latest
beta release I can not find the class AttachmentPart.

This is the code on the client side I currently use:

                Options opts = new Options(args);

         	Service  service = new Service();
               Call call = (Call) service.createCall();
                call.setTargetEndpointAddress( new URL(opts.getURL())

                SOAPEnvelope se= new SOAPEnvelope();

                FileReader fr = new FileReader (filename);
                DocumentBuilder xdb =
                Document doc = xdb.parse (new InputSource (fr));
	SOAPBodyElement sbe = new SOAPBodyElement(doc.getDocumentElement());

// create attachement here
	DataHandler dhSource = new DataHandler( new FileDataSource( filename

	AttachmentPart ap = new AttachmentPart(dhSource);
	dhSource = new DataHandler( new FileDataSource( filename ));
	ap = new AttachmentPart(dhSource);
	Message m1=call.getMessageContext().getCurrentMessage();

	SOAPEnvelope se1 = call.invoke( se);

Frank van Lingen

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