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From "Chris Haddad" <>
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 20:23:52 GMT
Axis -

I'm receiving the error message detailed below from the MSSOAP
soapClient.mssoapinit method.  

It seems that the WSDL generated by Java2WSDL is defining the parts with
a type of SOAP-ENC:string instead of xsd:string.   MSSOAP is not
recognizing a serializer/deserializer (mapper).   Has anyone else
experienced this interop issue?

Is there a workaround that will either force Java2WSDL to generate
xsd:string like the service?WSDL command does, or allows MSSOAP to
recognize a mapper for SOAP-ENC:string?

Error Type:
Client (0x80020009)
WSDLReader:Analyzing the WSDL file failed HRESULT=0x80004005 -
WSDLReader:Initialization of service failed HRESULT=0x80004005 -
WSDLService:Initialization of the port for service LoginBeanService
failed HRESULT=0x80004005 - WSDLPort:Analyzing the binding information
for port voidws.Login failed HRESULT=0x80004005 - WSDLPort:An operation
for port voidws.Login could not be initialized HRESULT=0x80004005 -
WSDLOperation:Initializing of the output message failed for operation
login HRESULT=0x80004005 - 

WSDLOperation:Initialization of a SoapMapper for operation login failed
HRESULT=0x80004005 - SoapMapper:The SoapMapper for element string could
not be created HRESULT=0x80004005 - SoapMapper:The schema definition
with a targetnamespace of for
SoapMapper string could not be found HRESULT=0x80004005

Here's the WSDL generated by Java2WSDL:

   <wsdl:message name="loginResponse">
      <wsdl:part name="return" type="SOAP-ENC:string"/>

Here's the WSDL generated by /axis/services/myService?WSDL

<wsdl:message name="loginResponse">
    <wsdl:part name="return" type="xsd:string"/>



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