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Subject Axis and weblogic 5.1 -- DOM Level Incompatiblity?
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 15:09:35 GMT

I tired to deploy Axis on a Weblogic 5.1 server. I'm getting a No Such
Method exception when WSDDDocoument calls org.w3c.dom.Element.getLocalName
(). I rekon what's going on here is that axis requires the level 2 DOM
classes, while the level 1 DOM are  built in to Weblogic 5.1 (that is, Axis
can't use the DOM classes in the xerces.jar). If anyone can confirm or deny
this theory I'd appreciate it. If by chance anybody knows a workaround, I'd
be interested in hearing about that as well.
Paul W Tamminga
Senior Software Engineer

T 507.529.9451
F 507.285.1859

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