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From "Adam Freeman" <>
Subject problems with WSDL2Java
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 18:02:26 GMT
First of all, I am using a service that returns a java.util.Map type and
this appears to be the problem with attempting to generate java stub classes
from the wsdl definition of the service.

I am having trouble with the WSDL2Java conversion code from two night's ago
axis nightly build 02/05/2002.  I am using axis.jar, wsdl4j.jar,
log4j-core.jar and clutil.jar from this build.  I have attached a sample
service wsdl file (AuthenticationService.xml) and the server-config.wsdd
file I am using inside of tomcat.  This is the command that elicits
failure -->

D:\>java org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java
vice?wsdl Type is referenced
but n
ot defined.
        at org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava.SymbolTable.checkForUndefined(Unknown
        at org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava.SymbolTable.add(Unknown Source)
        at org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava.Emitter.emit(Unknown Source)
        at org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava.Emitter.emit(Unknown Source)
        at org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java.emit(Unknown Source)
        at org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java.main(Unknown Source)

I tried putting in some custom qname mappings for map but was unable to get
that to work either.  It looks like map is always getting "mapped" to this type in the wsdl file which appears to
not exist.
Thank you,
- @m

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