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From Joe Cortopassi <>
Subject Question about message formats from WSDL2Java generated clients.
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 16:36:37 GMT
I've been looking at the messages that generated clients from different systems
produce for a WSDL file I wrote. The WSDL file (see attached file)
contains 8 different operations whose soap binding uses different variants
of style and use, along with message parts that use type and element.
That is, I have the following:

        style       use      message-part

         rpc      encoded      type
         rpc      literal      type
         rpc      encoded      element
         rpc      literal      element
       document   encoded      type
       document   literal      type
       document   encoded      element
       document   literal      element

On axis I'm generating the client with WSDL2Java (on the 2/6/02 release)
with the only arguments -o and the wsdl file.

The axis generated client seems to include an RPC style wrapper element
around all messages regardless of whether their style is rpc or document.
This doesn't seem right to me. Is this expected, or am I doing
something wrong in how I generate the client?

I've included the resulting messages captured with TCPTunnel
in an attachment.

Thanks for any information.
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