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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Re: Explanation of how to use in/out parameters
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2002 20:53:30 GMT
The holders are documented in the JAX-RPC spec

The users's guide is out of date.  Thanks for bringing this up!  I'll have
to fix it when I get the chance.  WSDL2Java ONLY generates holders if
they're needed.  What you want to do is to change your signature to read:

Widget readWidget(ReadContextHolder rc, WidgetQualifier wq);

Java2WSDL recognizes any parameter ending in "Holder" and having a public
value field as a JAX-RPC holder.  Here's what your holder class should look

public final class ReadContextHolder implements {
    public ReadContext value;

    public ReadContextHolder() {

    public ReadContextHolder(ReadContext value) {
        this.value = value;

Russell Butek

"Williams,Ed" <> on 01/10/2002 02:40:09 PM

Please respond to

To:   "''" <>
Subject:  Explanation of how to use in/out parameters

Can anyone point me to where in/out parameters have been
discussed/explained, because I seem to be left out?  I've picked up from
that Holders are probably the answer, but I can find nothing on them.

Alternatively, someone please answer the questions I am finding:
The User's Guide (only doc I can find) has a section on Holders in which it
says: "You'll notice that for each data class that Wsdl2java generates,
there is a corresponding "Holder" class".  I don't see any "Holder" classes
generated for my service.
My service has the following method in it:
Widget readWidget(ReadContext rc, WidgetQualifier wq);
I want the ReadContext to be "in/out" and the WidgetQualifier to be "in".
How do you indicate this to the AxisServlet and to the Java2WSDL (?WSDL)
Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

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