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From "Beagle Boy" <>
Subject Serializer / Deserializer and Handlers
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 16:00:59 GMT
   Working on a new SOAP Header to be used in a research project I'm working 
on but a bit unsure on my next step without consulting someone that 
hopefully has done this before.  I have developed my own custom xml schema 
for which I need to add into a SOAP request.  It consists of an array and a 
string.  But I don't believe I can serialize these in the normal way as I 
need it to match my XML Schema which talks all in terms of custom types.  
Reading through the user guide I think I need to develop a custom Serializer 
and Deserializer.  Will these allow me to match them to an exact XML Schema 
I have developed and what other objects may I need to accomplish this?  Do I 
need to develop objects that extend QName or anything else?

Additionally I want to make use of the handler architecture to add and 
process these handlers.  I'm assuming I need two handlers one on the client 
and one on the server.  I have them stubbed out but in reading the user 
guide and api's I got lost.  To me it seems that in Axis I can ask a handler 
if it is before or past its pivot to tell if the message is coming or going. 
  That sounded great as that is what I needed, but I also need this to be a 
global handler that all Web Service calls are forced to use and I saw the 
term Pivot Handler mentioned which didn't appear to be global.  So my 
question is can I have a global handler and have it make use of the pivot 
mechinism and if so is there any example wsdd files that show how to deploy 

Thanks in advance,

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