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From "Darin McBeath" <>
Subject Literal encoding and Axis
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 22:10:47 GMT
I have been able to use Apache Soap 2.2 (rpc) on the client and server and 
everything works fine.  I am passing a single parameter to a method (a DOM 
Element) and returning a DOM Element as well.  I have been using literal 

My SOAP request (body portion) looks as follows for this configuration.

<ns1:reverse xmlns:ns1="urn:myservice" 
<parm0 SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle="">

However, when I switch over to use Axis on the Client side (and still 
continue to use Apache Soap 2.2 on the server side) I get the following 

No Deserializer for "".

I do not see how to specify the literal encoding in Axis (the static 
constant value no longer exists in the file).  Has this 
functionality been removed?  If so, how would I accomplish what I'm trying 
to do?

Below is the SOAP request (body portion) which is sent using Axis.

<ns1:reverse xmlns:ns1="urn:myservice">
<arg0 xsi:type="ns2:Element" xmlns:ns2="">

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Darin.

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