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From Thomas Börkel>
Subject RE: Using Axis without deployment (totally dynamic)
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 09:09:34 GMT
Can anyone please help me with my question below?
Thanks in advance!

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From: Thomas Börkel 
Sent: Freitag, 28. Dezember 2001 16:29
To: Axis Mailinglist
Subject: Using Axis without deployment (totally dynamic)


I'd like to use Axis in the following way: 

- no deployment files (.wsdd) AT ALL 
- my own transport 
- my own dispatcher (with my own security) 
- dynamic WSDL generation 

What I already know: 
- how to generate WSDL dynamically as file 
- how to DEPLOY my own dispatcher 
- how to implement my own transport (nice file transport example in

Now, the question is: 
Can Axis work without ANY deployment files in my case? 

To test my own dispatcher, I already created some "dummy" deployment
with a dummy class and dummy method because my dispatcher should work
totally dynamic, without having to deploy each and every class and
method first. But that seems to me like a hack. Is there another way to
create a dispatcher that does not need each and every class and method
to be deployed?

If working without deployment of my dispatcher is not possible, at least
how can I tell Axis from where to load the .wsdd files?


Regards and happy new year, 

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