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From "Wendell J Bouknight" <>
Subject Re: HTTP Authentication in Axis
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 21:24:45 GMT
That's not quite what I meant.

I was suggesting that perhaps the AuthorizationFactory should take the
MessageContext as a parameter.
AuthInfoFactory.getAuthInfoFactory(MessageContext mc).getAuthInfo()

or something to this effect. This would require Axis to maintain a table of
all current requests (if it's not already done). I wouldn't expect a
published WebService method to require a MessageContext parameter -
exposing it breaks the transparency and interoperability benefits provided
by Axis.

Personally, I don't understand how
   AuthInfo auth = AuthInfoFactory.getAuthInfo();
isn't already broken today. If you have 2 or more concurrent request
inbound to Axis, how is the above line of code able to distinguish between
individual services.

I hope someone from the developer mailing list is monitoring this. I jumped
off because I 15-20 messages a day in my inbox from one list was driving me
crazy!   :)

Jason Bouknight

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