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From "Zymbaluk, Greg" <>
Subject Deploying a service with a custom handler?
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 18:27:22 GMT

I've been using the Alpha 2 distro of Axis and I was able to write my
own Java provider and then register a service to use my handler as its
pivot. I did this by adding a new handler in the server-config.xml in
the <handlers> element and then specifying that as the pivot for my

I've been looking at the latest changes to Axis in CVS and it looks like
the server-config has now moved to wsdd format. I've looked at the
server-config.wsdd file that gets generated for the Axis server and I
can see that you can still specify handlers, but in the service
definition the definition of the pivot has changed. It looks like a
pivot is defined as an attribute, i.e. 'provider="java:RPC"' . From the
latest user's guide it says that java:RPC "is predefined to indicate a
Java RPC service." 
My question is: How do I specify a custom handler for my service if I
want to use something besides the predefined providers?
Greg Z

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