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From "Wendell J Bouknight" <>
Subject RE: Maintain session state between Calls
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 14:05:53 GMT
I've been considering this problem for quite some time now myself and I
figure it's time for me to chime in...

I think a decision needs to be made if session-state persistence across
calls are intended to be an Axis-specific feature or not. Clearly for the
sake of interoperability, it doesn't make sense to provide a solution in
which only Axis-derived clients can establish persistent state mechanisms
with the (Axis) SOAP server. Simply put: not everyone uses the Axis Client.

The real solution to this problem is a solution which becomes standardized
either in the SOAP spec. or HTTP spec. or by making a claim to support a
different specification which is adopted by the industry we're catering to.
Web browsers are perfect examples of this problem. Browsers use cookies to
help maintain session state, but cookies are not part of the HTTP spec. In
fact, HTTP is stateless by definition.  As I recall, cookies are really
nothing more than a PROPOSED standard by Netscape which has become the De
Facto Standard of maintaining session state across HTTP/S.

If we're going to maintain session-state, let's at least do it in a fashion
that other SOAP clients (and servers for that matter) are inclined to
support (in time) if it doesn't become part of the underlying standards.
But I think the focus needs be on HTTP (unlikely in my opinion) or SOAP

My two cents,

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