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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Re: Importing schema in WSDL, found the problem
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 14:40:02 GMT

Could you send me your WSDL (or a pointer to it)?  It sounds like that
should be one of our test cases.  I'll pass this info on to the fellow
that's doing the XML schema work.  We appreciate you pointing this problem
out.  Wsdl2java is still going through growing pains.  There is a lot of
stuff it still doesn't work with.  It helps to know how people are using

By the way, thanks for correcting our import test case, too.

Russell Butek

Olivier Brand <> on 11/20/2001 11:10:53 PM

Please respond to

Subject:  Re: Importing schema in WSDL, found the problem


Finally found the problem. It seems that Wsdl2java does not handle yet
the element attribute in the <part.../> element.
eg.: <part name="token" element="auth:AuthToken"/>

In order to have the tool generating the java classes, I had to remove
the AuthToken element from my schema and name the inner complex type.
I guess this is not a show stopper, but if you place the schema within
the <types> element in the WSDL, the java files get generated... The
behavior is not therefore the same.
Do you think that this could be easily fixed ? Some schemas, like the
AuthToken from UDDI defines the AuthToken as an element and not a
complexType, which makes the tool incompatible with some schemas.


Russell Butek wrote:

>Imports should work.  We have a test for imports:
>Be aware that, since the import namespace is probably different than the
>namespace of the importing wsdl, the files will be generated into a
>different directory unless you use the --NStoPkg option.
>Russell Butek
>Olivier Brand <> on 11/19/2001 09:48:57 PM
>Please respond to
>To:   axis <>
>Subject:  Importing schema in WSDL
>It seems that we cannot issue the following XML instruction in a WSDL:
><import namespace=""
>Is there something wrong with the WSDL2java tool or is not handled
>properly ?
>I would like to import my schemas instead of including them (more
>Thanks for any hints.
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