Thanks Bill! I did a clone on the Axis1 Java repo and it has all the latest commits, looks great!

We do seem to have the old out of sync Axis1 Java site on github still - so we have two sites. I suppose we should simply remove all the old sites for each project since its around a year out of sync anyways.


Out of sync:


On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 2:07 PM Bill Blough <> wrote:


TL;DR - the Axis1 Java and C repositories have been migrated to
GitBox/GitHub.  However, the svn repos will not be marked as read-only
until after the migration is complete.  So if you need to make changes
to Axis1, please be extra careful to use the git repo, not the svn repo.

So, I've sent a couple of emails over the past week or two, but they're
not showing up on the list or in the list archive.  I'm guessing maybe
they're getting identified as spam due to the repo links I've been
trying to include.  So, no links this time.  Hopefully it will make it.

Since I wanted to make sure I had the bugs worked out of my migration
workflow, I started with the (smaller) Axis1 repos, since they'd be
faster to re-do if there were issues.

As of a week or two ago, the repos for both the C and Java versions of
Axis1 have been migrated, and I split the site-src directory (which
wasn't really in a proper repo) off into its own repo.

There were some other "detached" directories that I didn't migrate, as
the didn't seem relevant to current development (e.g., "old_trunk", a
backup copy of the axis1-java trunk, the site-src for the old C++
version, and a couple others).  In the event they're needed, these
directories will still be available in svn, though they will be
read-only once the migration is done.  We can always migrate them
after-the-fact if necessary.

Since the svn repos won't be read only until after the migration is
done, please make sure that you're using the git repo if you're working
on something that has already been migrated (so Axis1 for now).

I've already started on the Axis2 repos, but they're much larger, with
many more branches, so they're taking a really long time to
download/import all the history.

I'll continue to post updates as I make progress.  Please let me know if
you have questions or concerns.


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