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From Martin Gainty <>
Subject ground rules (request)
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2016 12:23:36 GMT
Good Afternoon
with so many people having access to Axis source my greatest fear of unstable non-functional
Axis distros has now come true
Specifically some of the Axis Rampart 1.6.x  supported algorithms are no longer functioning
in Axis 1.7.x

accordingly I am going to request some minor ground rules before checking in any axis code:
1)run all testcases for the entire Axis distro..if you see errors or failures from testcases
on your local box do NOT checkin the code
Unit tests for code from any Apache Project that errors out or produces failures should never
be checked in
2)request your code be reviewed by Andreas Veithen, Robert Lazarski or some other senior resource
for review BEFORE checkin

3)if andreas or robert or senior resource says not ready for primetime label your version
of the distro as either Axis-Rampart-SNAPSHOT 
OR Axis-Rampart-<version>-beta...this alerts one and all who pull the experimental distro
that the distro is not yet commercially viable
For 10 years Axis has been proven the superior technology WebService Technology stack implemented
in many world wide institutions
It would be helpful to all of the organizations who currently implement Axis to keep Axis
Functionality stable 
Many Thanks for your efforts in making Axis the best WebService Technology Stack ASF has to
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