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From Martin Gainty <>
Subject RE: How to integrate Axis2 modules in maven build?
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2015 20:32:58 GMT
path of least resistance is to use maven-antrun-plugin on the existing target

also <build.xml>
            axis2-aar-maven-plugin and axis2-mar-maven-plugin BEFORE it runs the main build.

1a)Once the plugins are generated then you can generate your pom e.g.
mvn archetype:generate (which creates the POM)
1b)create necessary classes for module such as Module ,IncomingHandler ,OutgoingHandler
2)place module.xmll in newly created src/main/resources/META-INF/folder
3)add axis2-mar-maven-plugin to your <build><plugins> e.g.
4)use the mvn command to compile source codes and assemble module as a .mar package.
mvn compile axis2-mar:mar

axis2-mar-maven-plugin hasnt been touched in 6 years so report back if you have any issues
Martin Gainty 

Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2015 12:51:48 -0700
Subject: How to integrate Axis2 modules in maven build?

We have an existing Ant build (EAR build) that has 4 existing Axis2 modules (in WAR), one
of those is Rampart (v1.3).  How are these supposed to be integrated in a Maven build?  Currently
the build has the mar files as resources in WEB-INF/modules of the war's root but that doesn't
seem right as currently the build knows nothing about the dependencies of those mar files.
Is there a way to add the mar files as dependencies and have maven automatically place the
mar files at WEB-INF/modules and add each mar's dependencies?  I need all of the dependencies
in the ear's APP-INF/lib folder as our war is a skinny war that has no jars in it's lib folder.
What is the standard way of doing this for mars in Maven?
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