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From Davide Silvestre>
Subject Issue with JarFileClassLoader.getResources()
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2014 10:02:58 GMT
I have an axis2 application (axis version 1.6.2 and Java7u51) that is internally using the
ServiceLoader. The ServiceLoader needs to retrieve the implementation files as resouces from
the META-INF/services folders inside any of the jars.
As the ServiceLoader is scanning the ContextClassLoader to retrieve this kind of resources
I have set the context class loader to be of type "service". In this way it will contain all
the jars of the aar package.
The classloader used is of type JarFileClassLoader and I think I have found a bug in the findResources(String
name) method.
This method will load the resources from the parent classloader and from the classloader itself
in an order that can be changed by configuration.

When the resources are retrieved from the parent classloader then it is just invoking:

When it tries to retrieve the resources from the urls of the classloader itself then it invokes:
and this will invoke the findResources(String name) implementation in the
class. This method is not scanning directly the urls of the classloader, but it delegates
to an object of type URLClassPath that is initialized in the constructor.
The problem is that in the JarFileClassLoader the constuctor methods do invoke the super contructor
in the URLClassLoader that has to initialize the URLClassPath, but it does that using an emtpy
url array and not the original array.

    public JarFileClassLoader(URL[] urls) {
        this.acc = AccessController.getContext();

I also tried with different version of Java but because of this bug I am never able to successfully
invoke getResources() or findResources() if I use a JarFileClassLoader.

Anybody has experieced the same? Is there a fix for this?


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