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From Michael Leditschke <>
Subject Re: Retiring Sandesha2 from 1.7.0 release
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2014 01:41:08 GMT
I have only caught the tail end of this discussion due to the cross-post to

I wanted to alert the AXIS2 community to the work being undertaken by OASIS
in a standard
called ebMS3.

It is a SOAP based messaging standard that is seeing increased
interest in areas such as in the Superannuation Industry in Australia and
the Gas
Industry (ENTSOG) and the large scale pilot projects such as e-SENS in

ebMS3 supports the optional preferred use of WS-ReliableMessaging for
delivery and WS-Security for authentication/encryption.

A number of the Java implementations for ebMS3 are naturally and sensibly
making use of AXIS2, including that of my own company. We are in discussion
with others in regards to collaborating on an ebMS3 module for AXIS2 for
release as OSS, most likely under an Apache style licence.

Thus the question of support for Sandesha2 (WS-ReliableMessaging) and the
addition of support for SwA Encryption for Rampart (WS-Security) are of
interest to this community.

There is the possibility of paid resources to assist in this work, so I'd
appreciate it if the list could point me in the direction of who to talk to
about becoming actively involved in these projects, hopefully to prevent
their demise and enhance their funcitonality.

As an aside, my company are also making use of Synapse for our ESB so news
of withdrawal of support for Sandesha2 is of concern.


Michael Leditschke
ComplianceTest Pty Ltd
+61 407 671 480

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From: Kishanthan Thangarajah []
Sent: Monday, 27 January 2014 10:23 PM
Subject: Re: Retiring Sandesha2 from 1.7.0 release



On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 10:21 PM, Sagara Gunathunga
<> wrote:
> I believe this is the right time to bring this discussion due to
> following reasons.
> 1. For many years I never see any user mail that indicate real use of
> Sandesha2, It's a question to me whether anyone still expecting newer
> versions of Sandesha2.
> 2. In my POV RM is not popular and not widely used as other WS
> technologies. Further some of the main users of Sandesha2 such as
> Synapse already decided to drop RM support.
> 3. From many years no one actively develop Sandesha2 code base and
> current situation is pathetic as test cases failing from time to time
> and no one have time/experience  to fix them.
> Going forward retiring Sandesha2 will help to keep health of Axis TLP
> hence here is my +1.
> Having said if someone willing to actively develop and maintain
> Sandesha2 project in near future I'm more than happy to withdraw my
> proposal
> Thanks !
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> Sagara Gunathunga
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