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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: Optimisations for Axis2 POJO web services
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2012 14:55:39 GMT

This seems interesting, why don't you create a JIRA and attach your
code. So someone can look at your code and merge it to the source tree
if it is in a good condition.

> Hi,
> I did some optimizations for the Axis2 POJO web services as an intern
> project in last two months. It was a research type project and its
> idea was to handle POJO web services without  using Java Reflection to
> improve the response time.
> The method I followed to accomplish it was, when a POJO service is
> deployed, Axis2 generates a code which contains the logic to invoke
> that service. To generate this code Java reflection is used. In the
> run time service is invoked through the generated code for that service.
> The generated code is like the code is like the code generated by
> wsdl2java tool using ADB. So the idea was to achieve the performance
> of ADB services for POJO services by this. In wsdl2java tool code is
> generated as .java files. But in this case those had to be generated
> as .class files because those have to be invoked at runtime. To do
> this I used a Java bytecode library called JavaAssist.
> Currently this new michanisam support most of the Java types like,
> primitives, Strings, arrays, lists, maps, enums, Java beans and data
> handlers. But its not mature enough like the existing mechanism and
> therefor i integrated it with the existing mechanism instead of
> replacing it. To use this new method a parameter can be added to the
> service descriptor like below.
> <parameter name=optimizedPOJO> true </parameter>. If this is included
> service invocation will done using the new mechanism and other wise
> usual procedure will be followed.
> Following is a rough performance comparison for the new mechanism and
> the existing mechanism for a simple POJO service.
> n (c=20) Current (req/second)        Method          New Method
> (req/second)
> 100                                             602.9            1492.69
> 1000                                           2345.09         3619.91
> 10000                                         5636.28         7969.06
> 50000                                         5842.15         7828.96
> I like to contribute this code to the axis2 project and I think it is
> suitable to start a new branch for this and merge it to the trunk when
> it is mature enough. Also I like discuss about this new mechanism in
> detail in this thread if any clarification needed .
> Thank you,
> Prabhath

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