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From Hiranya Jayathilaka <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Moving Axis2 Transports to core
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 17:06:01 GMT
What about JIRA and other project resources? Are we going to get rid of the
TRANSPORTS JIRA project and make it a component of the Axis2 JIRA project?


On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 5:21 AM, Andreas Veithen

> For various reasons, there have been no releases of the Axis2
> Transports subproject since the migration of Axis/Axis2 to a TLP. To
> change that situation I would like to propose to move that code to
> Axis2 core, with the exception of the SMS transport (more on this
> restriction later).
> Doing this has a couple of advantages:
> * All transports will be released together with every Axis2 release.
> * Changes in ASF policies (related to the release process, branding
> guidelines, etc.) no longer need to be implemented separately for
> Axis2 Transports.
> * For Axis2 core we manage at least one maintenance branch, and over
> the last couple of years we have successfully produces several
> maintenance releases from these branches. If we move the transports to
> core, then they will also benefit from that.
> * It eliminates the strange situation where the HTTP transport is
> included in Axis2 core, but part of the unit tests are in Axis2
> Transports.
> The Axis2 Transports project is fairly easy to integrate into Axis2
> core (in contrast to Rampart and Sandesha2, which is the reason these
> projects are not included):
> * The documentation has one page per transport. This makes it easy to
> integrate it into the main site (and to set up the necessary redirects
> from the old locations).
> * With the exception of the SMS transport, only Apache controlled
> Maven repositories are used. This is important because in the past,
> there have been several occasions where the Axis2 core build broke
> because of non Apache repositories. We must not allow that to happen
> again in the future.
> * With the exception of the SMS transport, the Axis2 Transport build
> is very stable. It is as least as stable as the Axis2 core build. Only
> the build of the SMS transport is not stable because it randomly fails
> as described in TRANSPORTS-20 (which has been open for more than 2
> years now).
> * It takes less than 3 minutes to build Axis2 Transport. Therefore
> moving that code to Axis2 core would only marginally increase the
> build time.
> The SMS transport would be moved later once the issues mentioned above
> have been fixed. Note that after moving the other transports to Axis2
> core we also have the option to merge these changes to the 1.6 branch
> so that the Axis2 1.6.3 release would already contain them.
> Andreas
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