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From Sagara Gunathunga <>
Subject How to use MultipartFormDataFormatter ?
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 11:11:33 GMT
Hi devs,

I'm thinking to write a sample that utilize MultipartFormDataFormatter
class for serialization. I manged to invoke MultipartFormDataBuilder
by sending a multipart/form-data request and service method also
executed properly but it alleyways return a response with a
application/xml type. This is because we have following code segment
on RESTUtil class.

if (HTTPConstants.MEDIA_TYPE_X_WWW_FORM.equals(messageType) ||

HTTPConstants.MEDIA_TYPE_MULTIPART_FORM_DATA.equals(messageType)) {


As you can see there is no way to invoke MultipartFormDataFormatter. I
also doubt about practical usage of MultipartFormDataFormatter but
since we have this formatter with Axis2 need to find a way to use it.

If anyone have experience on this please update.

Thanks  !

Sagara Gunathunga

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