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From Sagara Gunathunga <>
Subject [Proposal] Improve new community members engaging with the project.
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2011 13:20:52 GMT
Hi devs ,

As we can see number of new people start contributing to Axis2 project
we need to simplify and improve the contribution process. Since we
can't expect same set of developers to stay on the project forever we
should encourage new people to to contribute in order to keep  healthy
project. Personally I fell still there are numbers of steps we can
introduce to this project to encourage new contributors.

1.) AFAIK at the moment we (committers) can assign JIRA issue to some
other committers only there is no way to assign JIRA issues to
contributors. As I remember in Woden and number of other Apache
projects provide this facility. IMO we need to remove this restriction
so that committers can assign issues to contributors too. I believe in
this way new contributors feel some strong ownership and kinda
relationship with the project.

2.) Currently when ever new contributor ping to the dev list we ask to
go through JIRA page and pick a issue and start contribution. Some
people end up being active contributors but some of them select JIRA
issues those are not obvious to fix  or there is no developer willing
to review those patches or no one here to provide proper guidance, in
all those cases final result is people get frustrated and stop
contribution. What I  would like to suggest here is once the
committers feel a particular issue is easy to fix or if he know the
procedure (may be no time to fix it ) or if he willing to provide
guidelines / reviews to a contributor mention it in the JIRA issue
itself. we can use some kind of a label like
Contributor/Easy/QuickStart or something  similar to that as an
indication so that new people can easily find those JIRA issues.

3.) We should create "How to contribute " page for the reference of
new contributors.  For the moment we have number of nicely written
guides about developers ( release process , site building , mailing
etc )  that covers most part of details required to new contributors
too but IMO it much useful to have a separate page for new

Any other suggestions ? or objections ?

If we can agree on above ( or more ? )   I'm happy to start this process.

Thanks !

Sagara Gunathunga

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