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From Amila Suriarachchi <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Improve new community members engaging with the project.
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2011 10:53:09 GMT
On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 6:50 PM, Sagara Gunathunga <> wrote:

> Hi devs ,
> As we can see number of new people start contributing to Axis2 project
> we need to simplify and improve the contribution process. Since we
> can't expect same set of developers to stay on the project forever we
> should encourage new people to to contribute in order to keep  healthy
> project. Personally I fell still there are numbers of steps we can
> introduce to this project to encourage new contributors.
> 1.) AFAIK at the moment we (committers) can assign JIRA issue to some
> other committers only there is no way to assign JIRA issues to
> contributors. As I remember in Woden and number of other Apache
> projects provide this facility. IMO we need to remove this restriction
> so that committers can assign issues to contributors too. I believe in
> this way new contributors feel some strong ownership and kinda
> relationship with the project.


> 2.) Currently when ever new contributor ping to the dev list we ask to
> go through JIRA page and pick a issue and start contribution. Some
> people end up being active contributors but some of them select JIRA
> issues those are not obvious to fix  or there is no developer willing
> to review those patches or no one here to provide proper guidance, in
> all those cases final result is people get frustrated and stop
> contribution. What I  would like to suggest here is once the
> committers feel a particular issue is easy to fix or if he know the
> procedure (may be no time to fix it ) or if he willing to provide
> guidelines / reviews to a contributor mention it in the JIRA issue
> itself. we can use some kind of a label like
> Contributor/Easy/QuickStart or something  similar to that as an
> indication so that new people can easily find those JIRA issues.

+1. Good idea. Anyway the success of this depends on how much time people
have to update those jiras.

> 3.) We should create "How to contribute " page for the reference of
> new contributors.  For the moment we have number of nicely written
> guides about developers ( release process , site building , mailing
> etc )  that covers most part of details required to new contributors
> too but IMO it much useful to have a separate page for new
> contributors.



> Any other suggestions ? or objections ?
> If we can agree on above ( or more ? )   I'm happy to start this process.
> Thanks !
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> Sagara Gunathunga
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Amila Suriarachchi
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