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From <>
Subject Saaj version compatibility question
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2011 18:44:47 GMT

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From: Wright Karl (Nokia-S/Boston)
Sent:  20/07/2011, 12:20  PM
Subject: Saaj version compatibility question

I hope I have the right list.

I’m a principal developer of Apache ManifoldCF.  We have two connectors which depend on
Apache Axis 1.4.  Thus, they include a saaj.jar which came from Axis but whose etiology I
do not know.  We’ve received a new connector which includes a dependency on a slightly different
saaj jar – this one from Sun, apparently based on the 1.3 version of the specification.
 This seems to be a newer jar than the Axis-provided one.

My question is, since we cannot use both of these at the same time, is there any reason why
I should not replace the Axis saaj jar with the newer sun jar?  Would this have any chance
of breaking Axis?


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