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From Sridhar Dabbeeru <>
Subject Filtering MTOM attachments based on disposition file name and content type
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2011 17:44:17 GMT
I have a requirement to apply a security filter on MTOM attachments based on
configured of content type and file name extension. For example file name
with ".mp3" shouldn't be allowed for uploading or
content image/png shouldn't be allowed.

I see in my soap request Content-Disposition: attachment; name="xyz.tif" but
the file name is not being parsed in axis2. I was expecting the name in my
DataHandler but that turned out to be stream name. Datahandler does give me
handle for the correct content type. The only missing link is file name.

I am wondering does axis2 parses disposition file name at all?

Can any one  help me to resolve this.


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