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From Martin Gainty <>
Subject RE: Groovy and Jython custom deployer
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2011 20:08:47 GMT

the problem with these Scripting libraries generally map to proper java classes from normal
Ant and Maven deployer environments
which is how 99% of the axis mars and aars are being deployed in production environments.

in short you'll need to support 3 distinct deployment implementations:

            In Axis2, there are three main ways to deploy a service:
            Drop the service archive file into the repository.Create a service programmatically
using an archive file e.g.
ConfigurationContext configContext;
// you need to have reference to ConfigurationContext
File file = new File("Location of the file"");
ClassLoader clsLoader = new URLClassLoader(new URL[]{file.toURL()});
InputStream in = new FileInputStream("location of service.xml");
AxisService service = DeploymentEngine.buildService(in, clsLoader,

Deploy a service as a Plain Old Java Object (POJO) e.g.AxisService service = AxisService.createService(

MyService.class.getName(), axisConfig, RPCMessageReceiver.class);
as you can see what is easy in Java or Java based languages such as Jython can be encomously
difficult with Tools
whose mapping to Java Classes is unknown
if you feel comforable with Groovy i would suggest making a q&d groovy deployer and submit
here for test and review

information on features and functions of axis2 deployments is available at:

building, packaging and deploying aar with axis2-aar-maven-plugin information is available

bon chance,
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Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 21:03:03 +0200
Subject: Groovy and Jython custom deployer


Groovy custom deployer was in Axis2 source tree, but was marked as depreciated:

Jython custom deployer was never elected to any official build, but is (maybe was ?) supported
by WSO2 :

Such type of custom deployer doesn't exist anymore?
Do they exist some versions, compliant with current axis2 1.5.4 ?

Thanks in advance,


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