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From Kanchana Welagedara <>
Subject Re: WS-Impact analysis on Axis java 2
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2011 04:03:51 GMT
On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 8:57 AM, Deepal jayasinghe <>wrote:

>  On 1/20/2011 5:12 AM, Kanchana Welagedara wrote:
> Hi Folks;
> I'm trying to develop a tool which to identify web service
> dependencies,stubs/skeleton granularity ,
> What kind of dependencies? are you referring to something like BPEL?

service /client based jar dependencies/any

>  service mapping and impact change analysis tool.
> I have some statics data (method call ,order of the method invocation)
> generated based on some .Net client stubs which consumes a Axis java
> service.There is a middle frame work where that end point URL,invocation
> method  in client stub can be different from the actual service URL and the
> actual service method. Based these statistical data (not the dynamic environment
> )how would i recognized that service served by which client and vice verca.
> I think you need to get some data from the middle framework you have
> mentioned.

Can't we locate the actual WS service ,method name from EPR ? how do we
extract EPR value from actual service when comparing WSDL file ,if it's not
a the service url given in WSDL?
Isn't is proxy which should always  know the actual URL  of the service?

Following using handler tutorial
forgetting about the middle tire dependencies in my system.If I set a
handler in the axis 2 java soap engine will it invoke for all the services ?
and get me a token from each client which reach all the deployed services
and identify the each client call uniquely which consumes which service ?
how can we store such Data ? in call ? XML? DB?

Seems this is a approach to untouched the skeletons in server side.isnt it
?How common is this handler in any soap engine?Should be a generic isn't it?

> Deepal
>  There are not any registry information which I can use to map these
> services.
> If I can get the meta data of the service and client implemetation level
> what are the artifacts which I can use.(example in Axis java .WSDD.xml ?)
> Really appreciate you input in this
> Thanks
> Kanchana

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