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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: WS-Impact analysis on Axis java 2
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2011 04:18:10 GMT
> service /client based jar dependencies/any
I am sorry, I do not think I really understand the problem. Do you want
to find the set of jar files need to run a stub/skel ?
>>     service mapping and impact change analysis tool.
>>     I have some statics data (method call ,order of the method
>>     invocation) generated based on some .Net client stubs which
>>     consumes a Axis java service.There is a middle frame work where
>>     that end point URL,invocation method  in client stub can be
>>     different from the actual service URL and the actual service
>>     method. Based these statistical data (not the dynamic environment
>>     )how would i recognized that service served by which client and
>>     vice verca.
>     I think you need to get some data from the middle framework you
>     have mentioned.
> Can't we locate the actual WS service ,method name from EPR ?
Of course you can, EPR mostly contains the service name and sometime it
does have the operation name too.
> how do we extract EPR value from actual service when comparing WSDL
> file ,if it's not a the service url given in WSDL?
What do you mean by comparing the WSDL ? one service can have many EPRs.
For example, in Axis2 a service usually gets three or four EPR depending
on the available transports.
In Axis2 (internally) you can get the EPR of a service by giving the
> Isn't is proxy which should always  know the actual URL  of the service?
> Following using handler tutorial
> forgetting about the middle tire dependencies in my system.If I set a
> handler in the axis 2 java soap engine will it invoke for all the
> services ? and get me a token from each client which reach all the
> deployed services and identify the each client call uniquely which
> consumes which service ?
> how can we store such Data ? in call ? XML? DB?
If you engage a module globally, then all the messages will go through
your handler.


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