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From am am <>
Subject Axis2 deployment mechanism for POJOs
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2011 21:18:57 GMT

I am Axis2 starter and I have the following question.  
Most  of the tutorials mention that to deploy a pojo, the pojo should be  placed 
under the pojo directory (and if it does not exist, create it). 

Additionally,  pojos under a package, should be placed in a .jar and modify the  
deployer in axis2.xml to point to pojo directory for jars.
But in official guide of axis2 there is no mention 
of a need for pojo directory. 

Additionally, I  noticed that if I drop the jar containing the pojo class to be 
deployed as a web service, in the WEB-INF/lib directory the pojo deployment  
still works! 

So, can someone please tell me if the pojo directory is needed or not? Or is the 
pojo directory required only,  if you have no services.xml file descriptor for 
the pojo?
Because for the case of there is indeed a 
services.xml for the pojo. (This is not mentioned in most tutorials)
I am trying to understand how axis2 engine works in deploying.

Thank you

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