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So, for 1.6 it would be great if we could finalize our HTTP management stuff,
and have a clean set of APIs / patterns that we can have documented and FAQ'ed.

This thread can break off into sub-threads if desired, but things I think we
need to get right include the following:

* Do we re-use HTTPClient / MultithreadedHTTPConnectionManager by default?

My answer here would be yes, but the code currently uses any MHCM that it
finds in the context hierarchy - so if you want to have a separate one
per-operation or per-message, you can just drop it in to the right context.
I think it's critical that the default behavior is as friendly as possible to
the common use-cases, though.

* Can we upgrade to HTTPClient v4?

I haven't investigated this yet - has anyone played with this to know how
challenging or not the migration is?

* Are our APIs good enough?

In particular, can we offer enough flexibility to the end-user via
easy-to-understand APIs / properties?

* Are our tests adequate?

I think not yet.  We need at least to have small tests that prove re-use is
working, tests for ServiceClient/OperationClient/Stubs, tests for rejiggering
various properties, and ideally a full build will run a 5000-iteration loop
sequence to test that the connection starvation problem hasn't snuck back in
(particularly critical on Windows).

* Other stuff?

What am I missing?


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