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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject Finalizing the TLP migration
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 17:24:56 GMT

There are a couple of things that need to be sorted out to finalize
the move of Axis2 and related projects to the new TLP:

1. Since the transports subproject was originally part of WS-Commons,
JIRA issues were created in the WSCOMMONS project. That no longer
makes sense and we need to decide where new issues should be created.
There are two options:

* In AXIS2. At first glance that seems to be the most obvious
solution. However, the transports project has a different release
cycle with its own version numbers. Therefore additional setup of the
AXIS2 project in JIRA would be required to link issues to particular
transports releases. We could do that in the same way as we did in
WSCOMMONS, i.e. create separate version items for Axis2 and the
transports, but that is not the most natural solution.

* Ask infra to create a new JIRA project for the transports project.
The setup of that project would then reflect the specific release
cycle of the project. This would be the most natural solution because
it means that we handle JIRA issues for the transport project in the
same way as we do for Rampart and Sandesha (which have their own
projects in JIRA).

2. We need to decide where the different sites will be deployed in the
URL space of It is clear that
will be reserved for the new Confluence site, but we still need to
choose URLs for the Maven sites. One option is to use the same
conventions as we used in SVN. The Maven sites for our projects would
then be accessible under the following URLs:



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