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From Sanka Samaranayake <>
Subject Re: Performance Comparison
Date Mon, 03 May 2010 15:19:09 GMT
On Sun, May 2, 2010 at 11:37 PM, Andreas Veithen
<> wrote:
> On Sat, May 1, 2010 at 09:12, Dennis Sosnoski <> wrote:
>> Yes, I think it'd make much more sense to base a build-on-demand document
>> model on the DOM API than to try to modify all the WSS4J and related code to
>> use Axiom. Especially since Axiom is a mess and has had performance issues
>> from the beginning (including using way too much memory as the model is
>> expanded).
> Each of the two approaches (porting WSS4J to Axiom / building a new
> optimized Axiom+DOM implementation) have their pros and cons and I
> think there is enough room for the two. They could even be
> complementary provided that the new Axiom+DOM implementation has a
> lower memory footprint and better performance.
>> As a radical suggestion, how about just implementing a build-on-demand DOM
>> subset suitable for use by WSS4J and other tools? This wouldn't need to
>> support all the DOM operations (including those using NodeList).
> That part is actually almost ready [1] (with more than just a subset
> suitable for WSS4J). However, to work with Axis2 we have no other
> choice than to support the Axiom API as well, at least the object
> model part of it (while getting rid of what you called the "mess").
> [1]

Just for curiosity, have you done any performance comparison with your
implementation with any other implementation ?


>> Daniel Kulp wrote:
>>> The "normal" way to traverse a DOM doesn't use the NodeList thing.   The
>>> NodeList stuff isn't even threadsafe in Xerces.
>> Actually, *no* access operations are threadsafe in Xerces. As far as I'm
>> concerned that's a really bad design for general purpose use, ironically
>> going back to the deferred node expansion feature that Xerces has on by
>> default. It's always irked me that I have to use a synchronization lock
>> around read-only operations with a (Xerces) DOM.
>> That said, any form of build-on-demand document model is probably not going
>> to be threadsafe. But for our purposes in using it with web services there's
>> not much need for threadsafety.
>>  - Dennis
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Sanka Samaranayake

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