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From "Andrew J. Leer" <>
Subject Compiling examples using VC2005 and ANT?
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2010 15:55:12 GMT

      I'm trying to compile the samples mentioned in this URL:

I downloaded the sources for Axis C/C++ here:

And I am presently reading the installation guide for installing Axis
using Apache 2.0

The installation guide reads as follows:

Also in order to run the provided samples do the following.
Open server.wsdd for editing. For each service element, locate the
element "parameter
name", which has the value "classname".

It was at this point after looking at the server.wsdd (renamed from
server.wsdd_win) file, that I realized that I didn't have the required
.dll files to run the samples with, and that I probably needed to
compile the examples.

For instance I was missing the following dlls mentioned in the server.wsdd file:
- AdminService.dll
- Calculator.dll
- doclitbase.dll
- doclitgroupB.dll
- base.dll
- cbase.dll
- cGroupB.dll
- GroupB.dll
- RPCFault.dll
- DocLitFault.dll

Now I need to compile those sample files into dlls so I can test out
my configuration on my Apache 2 server, and I have found this rather
difficult considering that the documentation for compling the examples
using ANT doesn't match the documentation in antbuild-guide.pdf.

For instance they request that I use a build file called package.xml
and the distribution that I downloaded came with an ant build file
called build.xml

I'm at a loss of how to compile the examples, anyone have any hints on
how to go about doing this?

Thank you,
    Andrew J. Leer

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