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I repost this message in the dev list, since I think this is more a bug than a misunderstanding. But please correct me if I am wrong.


After using Axis2 for about a year, I have discovered that Axis2 creates a lot of temporary jar/mar/aar copies on my temp folder. That way in the last 7 months 1256 folders with 18722 files were created which now use about 4GB of my disk space. It seems to me that every time I restart my Tomcat the files are generated again.

Do you create configuration context objects when runing the Axis2 server. If you create service client objects it causes new configuration contexts and hence new temp files.

Can you please test with the current axis2 trunk?

Here is what it has to do.
When creating a configuration context object it creates a separate folder for that. with a lck file

when the server shuts down it deletes the axis2-tmp-1271903426405701734.tmp.lck. At the restart it finds the folders without .lck file and delete them.



I have read now in several older posts that others also have the problem. I understand that Axis2 generates these temp files for performance reasons, but why does it not  delete them afterwards? Is this fixed in the current Axis version?

I am using Axis2 version 1.5.


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