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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject Axis2-Spring integration
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2010 08:10:24 GMT

Recently there have been some questions and discussions about Spring
support in Axis2 [1] [2] [3] [4]. As mentioned in these references,
WSO2 has developed a framework that provides Axis2-Spring integration
[5]. Also, Sagara Gunathunga has done some very interesting work [6],
but this has not yet been released. In [1] I argue that neither of
these two frameworks provide a definite solution and Sagara actually
agrees with my analysis. On my side, after writing my review and in
reaction to [3], I wrote some PoC code to explore how some of my wish
list items could be implemented. This code is available at [7]. I
would also like to mention the interesting contributions made by
Stephan van Hugten, who opened [3]. I would really like to see him
continuing to contribute.

After discussion with Sagara, we decided to join our efforts under the
umbrella of the Axis2 project. Probably what you will see happening in
the next days is that Sagara will bring the existing Axis2M Spring
code into a sandbox area in Axis2 [8] and that we will start a
discussion about how to best merge our two codebases (which for the
moment address different parts of the problem) into a single one. I
think that everybody agrees that it will be beneficial for Axis2 to
provide a good Spring integration out of the box. Of course, this is
also the right moment to look for involvement of others in the
community (developers and end users). I you want to help shaping the
solution, please participate in discussions, provide scenarios that
you would like to see supported, make suggestions, contribute code or
simply test the code.


[8] Note that Sagara was part of the bunch of committers we recently
voted into the new Axis TLP.

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