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From Victor Rentea <>
Subject Performance Issue: Axis2's JAXBUtils recreating a JAXBContext on each call.
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2010 07:56:38 GMT
Hello everyone!

I'm using IBM Websphere with Axis2 1.5.1, and I ran into a performance
problem: a request to an JAXWS endpoint took approx 1000 ms to
complete. After investigating, I found out that the problem is in the
JAXBContext: it did not managed to cache the JAXBContexts

I used debugging tools and found out that in the map that cached
JAXBContexts there was a strange value for the classloader associated
with my cached JAXBContext (i.e.: a DeploymentClassLoader).

With every request that came, the JAXBUtils had to create another
JAXBContext because the "current" classloader of the request was
something like "CompoundClassLoader" (i think it was IBM-specific) did
not match the "DeploymentClassLoader" there.

I must say that I also tried the JAXWS samples in the Axis2 distrib
and those worked fine. I started aligning my code to that of the
sample, but the error still reproduces after I made the two almost

Can you give me some idea of the cause?

I managed to work around this problem by registering an axis2 handler
that explicitly set

Parameter p = new

Now the time is down to approx 50ms, and the JaxbContext is cached OK.

Is my approach corect?

Thank you!

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