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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject Re: help needed building axis2 using NetBeans 6.8 and maven 2.2.1
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 10:27:43 GMT
On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 10:06, Stadelmann Josef
<> wrote:
> Andreas,
> Summary:
> Builds using MAVEN 2.2.1
> Source Code used,
> Cmd window              NetBeans IDE 6.8                        Maven
> Flags
> downloaded by SVN Tortoise                                      Maven
> 2.2.1           external Maven 2.2.1
> Ant 1.7.0               external Ant 1.7.0
> C:\asf\webservices\axis2\tags\java\v1.5.1               fails
> fails                                   -Dmave.test.skip=true
> C:\asf\webservices\axis2\tags\java\v1.5.1               success
> success                         .NA.
> C:\asf\webservices\axis2\trunk\java                             success
> success                         -Dmave.test.skip=true
> C:\asf\webservices\axis2\trunk\java                             success
> success                         .NA.
> Builds using MAVEN 3.0-SNAPSHOT                         AXIS2 is not yet
> maven 3.0-Snapshot ready!
> If you have NetBeans IDE 6.8 with the internal or external maven
> 3.0-snapshot then you are unable to open the axis2 root POM correctly.
> However one is  still able to build some off the axis2
> components/artifacts correctly. In short AXIS2 Trunk sources and earlier
> are not yet ready for MAVEN 3.0-SNAPSHOT!
> Josef

Maven 3.0 (alpha-6) actually works surprisingly well on the Axis2
build. There are only two issues:

- A duplicate dependency declaration in the integration module; this
is now fixed.

- The root POM has an antrun execution that depends on the output of
several of its sub-modules by directly accessing
modules/xxx/target/classes, but no provisions are made to make sure
that these modules are built before the antrun execution. Depending on
the output of other modules in that way is bad practice, and leads to
unstable/unpredictable build. With Maven 2.0 the build order is such
that it works correctly, but this is probably more a coincidence. We
will probably have to use some maven-assembly-plugin magic to do this
correctly and to make the build order predictable.


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