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From "" <>
Subject [Axis2 1.4.1 with Rampart 1.4] - No user value in the rampart configuration policy
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 17:35:52 GMT
   Hello everybody,
I have a Web Application wich interacts 
with a Axis2 Web Service. The requests to WS are both free and with 
secure policy. Web App creates 2 client for my service: first one ("free
 client") call the WS in http without security header; the second 
("secure client") engages rampart module and adds UsernameToken header 
to soap message.

Consider this situation:
   - a logged user does a request
 to WS using "secure client" => success
   -  immediately

 after user receive responce, system do:

      + stub._getServiceClient().getOptions().setUserName("");

      + stub._getServiceClient().getOptions().setPassword("");




 - user logout and does a request to WS using "free client" => ERROR:
 No user value in the rampart configuration policy!!!

Why does it
 happen if user calls the WS through
 "free client"?

If I use forever the same client and engage and disengage rampart 
when needed, axis2 stack loads on java heap space 2 modules (mex and 
rampart jars) at any secure request. The garbage collection never 
deletes these modules and I am obligated to restart Tomcat regularly

 because heap space is full!!!

Have you any solution for my problem?

Many thanks in advance 
and sorry for my bad bad english! :)


F. Giuseppe Atzeni



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