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From Pétur Runólfsson <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] [axis2] Release Axis2 1.5.1 (take 2)
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2009 10:27:14 GMT

May I suggest that be fixed before the release?

The effect of this bug is that web services that use ADB and use a wsdl provided by the user
(not generated on the server) simply don't work at all. The fix is simple, and can be found
in a comment on the issue. seems to be a duplicate of this bug.


Pétur Runólfsson
From: Glen Daniels []
Sent: Wednesday, October 07, 2009 13:36
Subject: Re: [VOTE] [axis2] Release Axis2 1.5.1 (take 2)

Ping!  Please VOTE... or comment?


Glen Daniels wrote:
> Hi Axis Developers,
> After fixing the documentation and a few other small issues since the last
> attempt at 1.5.1, I think we're ready to try again.  I've also addressed the
> "forced build of Axiom" issue with the CLOSE_WAIT fix - we now by default
> clean up the last operation context each time we build a new one inside
> ServiceClient.
> While there may still be a few things we need to address (still waiting for
> transports / Rampart / Sandesha for instance), I think it's important to get
> this out ASAP since there were clearly some serious issues with 1.5 -
> including the failed JavaDoc build and the persistent CLOSE_WAIT issues that
> are fixed in 1.5.1.
> As a reminder, fixes include:
>     *  Fix for the dreaded "CLOSE_WAIT" problem (JIRA issues 935, 2883, etc).
> We now share an instance of HTTPClient across each ConfigurationContext (i.e.
> each Axis2 server or ServiceClient) - connection reuse is now automatic. This
> means the REUSE_HTTP_CLIENT flag is no longer necessary or useful, nor is
> creating your own MultithreadedHttpConnectionManager.
>     * Transport deployer is now actually functional, and getListenerManager()
> in ConfigurationContext now creates a new LM if there isn't one already.
>     * Fix for AXIS2-4034, module versions now support real versions like "1.5.1"
>     * NPE problem (see AXIS2-4114) fixed in MessageContext while retrieving
> policy.
>     * Fix for JavaDoc build problem.
> I'd like to kick off a VOTE for the release, with the usual 72-hour window
> for votes.
> You can find the distribution files in here:
> And the M2 repository with everything is at:
> The SVN tag is:
> ...and I'll add a proper "v1.5.1" tag as soon as this release goes final.
> Please offer your VOTE (and indicate binding/non-binding).
> Here's my +1 (binding).
> Many thanks,
> --Glen

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