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From Afkham Azeez <>
Subject Re: Supporting hierarchical service deployment
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2009 16:25:57 GMT
On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 3:18 PM, Deepal jayasinghe <>wrote:
> >
> > Anyway, I was not around when module versioning was implemented, and I
> > strongly feel that trying to derive a version from an artifact is a
> > "tried & failed" approach.
> But most people use that approach (including you)

Yes, only in the case of module versions, since we do not have any other

> > Even Maven does not do that. Just take a look at the directory
> > structure of a Maven repo. The folder structure reflects the artifact
> > version, even though you see a number in the artifact that looks like
> > a version number to a human being.
> it is just data duplication. I am not in the favor of maven file
> structure. And I am -1 on introducing such a thing into Axis2.

So what is your proposal for an artifact management system such as Maven?
Derive the version from the artifact name? That approach does not scale.

> >
> > So, if we are going to implement service versioning, I'd recommend
> > that we go for a scheme that does not try to derive the version from
> > the artifact.
> I agree and +1, but not the ugly directory structure that he has
> introduced.
Beauty & ugliness are relative terms, which do not add any value in a
discussion like this :)

> Deepal

Afkham Azeez

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