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From Rajeevr <>
Subject [axis2] SocketPermission exception while calling another webservice in WAS 5.1
Date Mon, 24 Aug 2009 07:45:23 GMT


I run Axis 1.3 project on WebSphere Platform 5.1 with JDK 1.4.2. Host
Operating System is Linux.

I have two web services. I get SocketPermission error while the first
service calls the next service. Both services are placed at the same jvm. I
even tried to deploy these two services on two different jvm but I get the
same error. 

Same works fine in local Tomcat environment. I have proper policy entry for
this in was.policy file.

Can it be related to port access rights? 

I can see SimpleHTTPServer transportReceiver is set to 8080 in axis2.xml
file. Do we need to change it to some other value? I don't have admin access
to WAs so cannot comment on this.

Log trace is:
[8/24/09 2:34:47:667 EDT] 6c1dbeed SystemOut     O Before calling
partnerOutFLow Service
[8/24/09 2:34:47:758 EDT] 6c1dbeed SecurityManag W SECJ0314W: Current Java 2
Security policy reported a potential violation of Java 2 Security
Permission. Please refer to Problem Determination Guide for further
Permission: : access denied ( resolve)
Code:  in 
Stack Trace: access denied
( resolve)

was.policy file:
grant codeBase "file:${application}"
permission java.lang.RuntimePermission
permission "${was.install.root}/properties", "read";
"/opt/netegrity/siteminder/taiagent/TAI-1.0/config/ccxapp-dev-3", "read";
"/opt/netegrity/siteminder/taiagent/TAI-1.0/config/ccxapp-stage-4", "read";
"/opt/netegrity/siteminder/taiagent/TAI-1.0/config/ccxapp-stage-20", "read";
"/opt/netegrity/siteminder/taiagent/TAI-1.0/config", "read";
permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "shutdownHooks";
permission "", "resolve,connect";
permission "",

Can someone give pointer to this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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