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From "Meindert Oldenburger" <>
Subject Howto report a BUG on axis2j
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 14:37:07 GMT

It is possible that i found a serious bug, it cost me days to find out 
that it is not our application, we think, but tomcat/axis2j webserver 

Description of our test environment:

We have two services in the webserver (tomcat/axis2j), one gives the 
axis version, and another calculates two numbers and returns the result. 
This means that both services results in two different wsdl's.

Now we have a client that gets the wsdl (libcurl) and tries to find the 
operation expected to be in the wsdl.

GetVersion?wsdl has operation "show_version"
TestService?wsdl has operation "calc_numbers"

Description of the problem:

Now we start calling two clients at ones (parallel) xxx times. Each 
client knows about which operation belongs to a particular web services.

Now we think that the web server is not always sending the correct wsdl 
back to a particular client.

To exclude problems on our side, we set-up another machine with the same 
webservices and call only web-services A from machine A and web-services 
B from machine B. Now we have no problem.

Best regards,


Meindert Oldenburger | Software Engineer

Piet Joubertstraat 4 | 7315 AV | Apeldoorn | The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)55 368 53 00 | F: +31 (0)55 368 53 11

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