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From Demetris G <>
Subject Re: WSDL gen error
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:37:51 GMT

I have been asking this Q below on the axis-user but didn't get much 
response. I am hoping
someone on the dev side may have some insights - as a complementary to 
what I am asking
below here is the exception I get - apologies to those who are 
subscribed to both mailing lists
and this is a multiple posting to them:

We have the Axis (1.4) bundles running in the OSGi container on a set of 
Linux machines with
no issues. Web Services can be published and invoked upon - the WSDL 
files that are generated
by these Axis bundles are correct and they can generate correct 
operational stubs.
We needed to run a few of these on some powerful mobile devices that can 
actually run Jalimo,
a full version (for fhe most part) of Java 1.5 based on the GNU 
libraries. So we simply installed
the same OSGi container and Axis (1.4) bundles on them and ran them. The 
Axis servers work
as they should, the generate WSDL files when invoked - however, the WSDL 
file they generate
encaplsulate the scheme definitions in <types> tags instead of 
<wsdl:types> ! This is an issue
because  the XML parsers that process <wsdl:types> tags nicely have a 
problem with the <types>
After hours of searching I came upon this -
Others a while back have encountered the same issue when running Axis on 
particular containers.
However, (a) their resolution is specific to their container (b) my 
issue is not the type of container
since the OSGi container works fine with Axis. My issue is that I moved 
more a Linux desktop
to a Linux mobile device, even though the executables and runtime 
remained the same.

In case it helps the case here is the exception I get on the client side -

[java] WSDLException (at /wsdl:definitions/types): 
faultCode=INVALID_WSDL: Encountered illegal
extension element 'types' in the context of a 'javax.wsdl.Definition'. 
Extension elements must be in a namespace
other than WSDL's.:
    [java]     at Source)
    [java]     at Source)
    [java]     at Source)
    [java]     at Source)
    [java]     at Source)
    [java]     at Source)
    [java]     at Utils.myWSDLParser.parseWSDL(

Any ideas greatly appreciated - thanks.

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