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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: Axis2 and sticky sessions
Date Sat, 06 Jun 2009 01:25:41 GMT
I am sorry to hear that you did not get any reply for your question. One
of the problem with Apache load balancing and Axis2 session management
is it does not work properly unless you use Axis2 clustering
(replication). The reason I am telling that is to Axis2 to session to
work across multiple instances, it is required to replicate the session
related data. So you need to do Axis2 level replication, and then Apache
load balancing.

Irrespectively of the session type you use in Axis2, you need to use the

Thanks you!
> Hi All,
> as I did not get any response on a previous mail  a week ago I try
> again :-(
> We have successfully running Tomcat6.x / Axis2/Java 1.4.x and Apache
> server.
> However, we have a webservice with session="soapsession'.
> We noticed that calling 2 operations of this webservice (so same
> servicegriupID) are routed to different tomcat server by Apache server
> (which is doing round robin LB).
> We have activated sticky sessions ( stickysession=JSESSIONID) but no
> result.
> Question:
> - is there a problem using sticky sessions with Tomcat/Axis2 ?
> - if not, what is the procedure to follow on Axis2 to achieve this ?
> - How can we log the generated sessionID (if any) in a log file (so we
> can check) ?
> - Apache server does not recognize the servicegroupID as sticky
> session ID ? Right ?
> Any one any suggestion ?
> H.

Thank you!

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