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From Norio Sasagawa <>
Subject I want to send and receive a big size data via Axis 1.4..
Date Sun, 21 Jun 2009 05:55:45 GMT
Dear All,

I want to send and receive a big size data via Axis 1.4..
Send and receive class is as follows.
I know how to get the returnDatail from the server at a time.
By the way, if the returnDatail becomes a big size, it will become to the OutOfMemory Execption.
If the returnDetail becomes the limit size, I want to receive its now.
And then, I want to receive other returnDetail from the server.
I think that the Client prepare the buffer and the Sever send to it by the prepared buffer
But there's no detailed idea in my head.
Is there any document for me?
Is there any advice for me?

Any help will be appreciate.
Thanks in advance.

Norio Sasagawa

-----<<<<<ReturnInfo.class Start>>>>>-----
public class ReturnInfo {
private java.lang.String result;
private java.lang.String[] returnDetail;
  public ReturnInfo() {
  public ReturnInfo(
    java.lang.String result,
    java.lang.String[] returnDetail) {
    this.result = result;
    this.returnDetail = returnDetail;
-----<<<<<ReturnInfo.class End>>>>>-----

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