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From Sukhitha Jayathilaka <>
Subject Generics Support for Axis2 for GSoC 2009
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 17:52:12 GMT

I, Sukhitha Prabhath Jayathilaka, throught I would attemp to parcticipate in
Google Summer of Code 2009 under the Apache Axis2 project. I have submitted
my proposal already on the GSoC student app.

I submitted my proposal on a feature request I found on the Axis2 issue
tracker, namely the addition of Generics support for Axis2. I believe I will
be able to use my programming abilties gained so far to tackle the task of
implementing this feature, as well as to develop my skills greatly through
working on the project.

In my proposal I have divided the project in to three main parts  as

1.  Support for POJOs that use Generics : Users should be able to deploy
POJOs with generic types in the same way as non-genericesed classes, and at
the time of deployment Axis2 should be able to read them and process them,
finally creating a valid Axis web service from the class.

2.  Support for Schema and WSDL Generation : When the Java class employs
Generics,  Axis2 should be able to process the generic types using Java
Reflection and create the correct Schema element.

3.  Runtime message serialization and de-serialization : When a message is
received Axis2 should be able to identify the correct generic type using
Java Reflection and then de-serialize the XML message into the appropriate
genericised bean.

I believe I would be able to dedicate about 2-3 hours on a daily basis to
working on this project, with more time on weekends.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions regarding this proposal.

Thank You!


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