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From Jason Fager <>
Subject Re: Releasing transports 1.0 - dependency resolutions
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 21:58:51 GMT
I'm sorry, I'm kind of new around here, but the basic strategy that I know
to follow is to cut a branch, change the dependency in the pom of the branch
to the released version of the upstream dependency that you're milestoning
against, and then release from the branch.

If you can't do this because the transports actually do depend on
kernel-SNAPSHOT, and won't work with a previous version, then what are you
releasing them *for* - i.e., where do you expect to use them, if the
underlying code they depend on doesn't exist as a release anywhere?

I kind of agree with Dennis - if the intent is for these things to exist
independent from the larger axis2 codebase, then one of two things needs to
happen.  Either the interfaces in question need to be rolled into the
transports package, or (and probably even better) they need to be split off
into their own artifact (axis2-api?) that both transports and the mainline
axis2 code can depend on.

I would be emphatically against the idea of a "Maven-only" release.  That's
a stopgap measure, and it creates confusion for people coming into the
project (and being in the middle of this process myself, it's pretty
confusing as is).  If this is a problem, the time should be taken to solve
it correctly, else it's just going to get worse in the future.

- Jason 

> Hi folks:
> So I'm trying to get the transports 1.0 releases moving along, and have run
> into a bit of a snag.  The transports depend on axis2-kernel SNAPSHOT, for
> interfaces like MessageContext, Flow, etc. - the problem is how do we do the
> release when we want to release the transports before the actual Axis2
> release?  We need to resolve all the SNAPSHOT dependencies for the Maven
> release plugin to be happy, and for this case, we seem to have a circular
> dependency chain. :(
> A couple of options off the top of my head:
> * Release transports against Axis2 1.4.1's kernel - this may not even be
> possible as there may have been incompatible changes.
> * Do a Maven-only release of Axis2-kernel 1.5 - i.e. NOT a distribution but
> just a release into Maven.  Then use that for the Transports 1.0 releases,
> and then release the Axis2 1.5 distribution after that.
> Moving forward, anyone have thoughts on how to best deal with this?  One of
> these options, or something else?
> Thanks,
> --Glen

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