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From Amila Suriarachchi <>
Subject Re: TransportListener and AxisEngine#sendFault(faultContext) tightly coupled
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2009 11:33:20 GMT
On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 3:52 PM, Dobri Kitipov <
> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I want to direct your attention to how OUT_FAULT_FLOW is triggered in
> Axis2.
> 1) The short story
> When a request is received by the TransportListener (TL) (e.g. AxisServlet)
> then it invokes the AxisEngine (i.e. AxisEngine#receive(msgContext)). If
> there is a fault condition it is thrown by the engine and caught by the
> TransportListener. What happens is that the whole logic about triggering the
> OUT_FAULT_FLOW phases is placed into the TL, but not into the engine itself.
> You can refer to the AxisEngine#doPost() which in turn invokes its private
> processAxisFault() when there is a fault condition.

I also got the same  feeling  when I saw this code for the first time.

> 2) The problem
> IMHO we can meet the following issue. If someone wants to create a custom
> TL then it should have the "processAxisFault" logic implemented into it.
> Since this is not well documented (I did not find a proper docu about this)
> it come out that the TL is missing this logic need and will not work
> properly.
> 3) The proposal
> a) I did a short research and did not find any obstacle to include the the
> "processAxisFault" logic into the engine itself (basically
> AxisEngine#sendFault(faultContext) should be called). IMHO doing so the
> architecture of Axis2 will be simplified and the fault logic will be
> decoupled from the TL implementation. Of course some HttpServletResponse
> processing should take place into the TL, but this is something more natural
> to do ( ;) better known and/or understanded/documented).

Did you have a time to look at how JMS, SMTP and other transport have
implemented the Fault handling part. IMHO this code at least should go to
transport base module so that all the transports can use it.

> I think that this is worth having to be discussed.



> Please share your comments/opinions.
> Thank you in advance,
> Dobri

Amila Suriarachchi
WSO2 Inc.

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