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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: Improvements to Axis2 Faulty Services Handling
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 04:09:17 GMT
Hi Sameera,

It is good that you bring this, actually making a faulty service into a
active service is not a such a difficult task. As I remember correct
what you need to do is to remove the faulty service entry from
axisconfiguration and may be do some modification to deployment engine.

I am always +1 for doing this, but please do not make any hard
dependency to OSGi from axis2 kernel.

Thank you!
> Hi devs,
> Current behavior of Axis2 does not allows a faulty service to become a
> "normal" service. If a service becomes faulty, it remains there
> forever. There is no way for a faulty service become a "normal"
> service, even after its dependencies are available.
> Axis2 service becomes faulty if,
> the referenced Axis2 module is not available,
> the referenced transport is not available,
> there are classloading issues,
> the services descriptor file has errors in it, etc..
> For an example, Service X is added as a faulty service because the
> referenced module M has not been deployed at that time. But after the
> module M is deployed, service X cannot be considered as faulty
> anymore. Hence the service X should be deployed as a "normal" service.
> This kind of scenarios can occur when we run Axis2 in an OSGi
> environment. Services and modules can come as an OSGi bundles and one
> can't really predict the order of these bundles.
> I would like to improve the faulty services handling aspect in Axis2
> to cope with these situations.
> Thanks
> Sameera

Thank you!

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